Is this picture true?

2021-08-25 23:01:51 DOREEN



If you look closely - between the person and any party (whether established or not) is an insurmountable deadly abyss, ....

I do not see that so black - so nö - I do not agree!


Think of the 5% hurdle. If you choose "any other party" (or not or invalid), you support within your "dark blocks" those you would have chosen within the "block", but by no means chosen.


MHHH, one can still classify a lot right, which leads there. Like the NPD.

but otherwise, Joa. At the big parties, I do not see much.

Therefore, I still choose the party.


No, no party exclusively bad or exclusively good. However, I agree that I do not find the most actions of CDU, SPD and AFD (which not yet).


NO at all, apart from the fact that there is nothing to choose small / other parties there is much worse parties than those mentioned here.

Is this picture true?