Do you like to buy clothes in H and M?

2021-08-26 00:08:40 DORIS

No (justification) Choose 83%

Yes (Justification) Choose 17%


Only sometimes when there is something nice. I like to go more about lifers or fashion houses with brands that it often often gives Sales I do not find the quality very well and if at H & M a hoodie costs 30 € and at Tkmaxx a Karl Lagerfeld Hoodie 35 € costs which then do you take? And then is the still in the Salesbox and costs 25 € yes there you often find bargains. Or a Tommy Hilfiger Sweater has northern 100 € costed at Leffers in the SALE 70 € and at Tkmaxx exactly the same only other color 50 € so that is often not much more expensive but a much better quality. Or a t shirt at H & M 15 € at Tkmaxx 11.99 €. It's cheaper or more expensive but the quality of the products is also better


The brand is honest to meT too expensive and I prefer to go in cheaper shops when I need clothes, or order online my stuff.


Hello Whoopy89,

That's so not so not my shop and I was not there forever.


Hello, Whoopy89.

At H & M, I have often found beautiful hoodies more often, and from time to time and a nice sweatshirt.

The quality is really good, and fashionable are the parts too.

With love greetings, Renate.


No, I think H & M does not have such beautiful t-shirts.

Do you like to buy clothes in H and M?