Who do you choose from the coming general election?

2021-08-26 04:05:38 JACOB


I am changed after years from the CDU to the Greens .

It takes positive changes in this country!

  • Research and Development
  • More internal security
  • Combating radical Islam and right populism in Germany
  • Combating hatred in the network and fake news / resp. Conspiration Lies
  • Less Taxes
  • More pay
  • More equality and less discrimination (eg. B for disabled people, children, women, old people, foreigners and LGBTQ *)
  • Better school system
  • Control of climate change
  • Stricter controls and rules for DIE food industry. More consumer protection
  • UNVM

Therefore, no other party remained to choose from.

The Greens are in my opinion the only ones that my interests really well represent. VICKIE CDU / CSU Even if I am no friend of Armin Lashet - he is the lower evil. Söder would still have been better. LG :) Fernando The left. I believe that you focus on social Should lay topics.

Who do you choose from the coming general election?