Why do girls always want Bad Boys?

2021-08-26 06:00:31 ORVILLE

Hey, why do the girls always want the Bad Boys who treat them very badly at the end and also cheat. Why do not the girls sometimes take the slightly shything they will love forever and ever and always help in life and never hurt


I do not know how many girls want a "bad boy", faith rather a few. It depends on the taste. But in principle, I would already say that one has more success as a man if one is not shy. Makes sense, so you can respond to the lady easier


Love and Verherren are 2 different things and not every Nice Guy is also a nice guy

at a young age May the women like the evil types because they have not thought about the morning and then but whom they want to be older they want security and that's in the time where the Nice Guy is very desirable

Tip to you stay Just as you are and enjoy the peace and time with the friends

PS DU DI do not first ride as trans person who likes to ride?


I just want a person who always brings me to laugh and for me there is not more


A healthy and self-confident young woman Will not say a bad boy.


Because this is a stupid rumor, which types like to think if they do not arrive well with women.

Why do girls always want Bad Boys?