Favorite Harry Potter book?

2021-08-26 06:03:48 JIM

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Choose 36%

Harry Potter and the sanctuaries of death Choose 18%

Harry Potter and the stone of the wise choose 9%

Harry Potter and the chamber of terror choose 9%

Harry Potter and the prisoners of Askaban Choose 9%

Harry Potter and the Firekelch Choose 9%

Harry Potter and The half-blooded Prince Choose 9%


My favorite book is Volume 5 of the Order of the Phoenix, because there is more Harry and Sirius time and notes him that it is doing well with his godfather and he likes to be with him Habited and away from his uncle and aunt.

But find all the books very well and also read them very much. At the 5 & 7 band I find it very exciting and again very exciting, even if I have read them very often, and also feverish again, because they are very exciting. And I always come to me at the same spot, because I find her nice and sad.


I think the last British books very nice You actually have everything / from action-romance also I'm a good end.

Favorite Harry Potter book?