How do people constantly create their windows to crash?

2021-08-26 07:01:50 SPENCER

How often I read here that the system does not start more although you usually allegedly turned on the PC again.

I have been working for a good 15 years of PCs and have it only once under XP to crash my system When I meant in my naive skull the system files I do not need and have deleted XD

is win 10 So shit or what are the people doing wrong?

As I said I made only once once

And if there was errors then drivers or hardware errors because something false installed, not installed or not properly plugged in.


If you create a statistic to capture correlations you knew the of Scriptkiddies and Fortnight Kiddies is contaminated that thinking 1000000 fps would improve their modest gaming skills. Now another correlation, how many of these Scriptkiddies and Fortnight Kiddies do you think of chats or supposed tools to make your PC faster and catch viruses, if not, how high, you appreciate their skills tools to use the deep into the system? I think I should have answered your question.

How do people constantly create their windows to crash?