May your winter like?

2021-08-26 07:03:06 CLAUDE

Yes Choose 65%

No Choose 35%


Yes and no, on the one hand, I find the WINT he very nice, on the other hand not. What I do not find beautiful in the winter is the gray in gray, which is unfortunately there regularly. On the other hand, it's snowing again for ages, I find the landscapes in snow dipped, very nice. I like to find it too, in winter, warm inside with hot drinks, it's not much cuddly.


I like the cold and the snow. Through snow, every ugly building looks beautiful. But stop at where you lives in Germany (downtown) there is only mud and cold that was different in villages.

Spring or autumn is best if the temperature does not exceed 20 degrees.


not at all. I do not like the darkness, the cold and I am a person who takes a lot in the Somemr. In winter, I'm a lot in it and wait for the spring.

If there is really a lot of snow that can be nice and I like, but is now rarely in Berlin.


But even a long time snow would fall, Wear my cuddly jumpsuits in winter, the only negative that I can not drive with the e-bike on work.



Yes, the Winter is my dearest season. I just like him because it is colder and much more pleasant than in summer.

I also find snow very nice, unfortunately it is always rare


May your winter like?