With or without bra?

2021-08-26 07:07:45 JOSEPH

Question to the girls. Tires a bra regularly. Somehow I do not feel well in it.

Yes. Have big boobs choose 42%

No. Have small breasts choose 26%

Yes. Have more small breasts choose 16%

No. Have big boobs choose 16%


I usually carry a bra but in some dresses or Crop tops I let him away. At night, I usually sleep with and from and then without


For me it is exactly the other way around.

I do not feel well if I do not wear a bra, but also have a slightly bigger chest. Without in public, a No Go would be for me.

Only at home I do not wear.


depends on what falls under "big" and "small". But yes, except when sleeping, I always carry a bra. Without I think it's pretty uncomfortable


I'm extremely seldom bra, I feel concentrated in it. With fine twine on celebrations yes, but never in the free time. But with B-Körbchen is that rather no problem.


Medium in size. At home I never carry one, when going out already (I'm scared that my nipples become stiff and then to see