Carsten steel to pick school?

2021-08-26 08:01:30 MARGARITA

Hey, how can you get Ele. Carsten steel to his school? N friend of mine is extremely bullied, beaten in school, struggled, beaten and his teachers looks loud him zero, a few teachers make even in a certain way.
He wants to go to the police. For certain reasons
Want to ask if and how to get Cartel steel to his school

Thank you for your answers


Carsten steel, or its project, has a website. Here you can read everything in peace:

Nevertheless, it is important that your friend gets help elsewhere. It is very nice of you that you want to help him. In such situations, people who are a side are the most important! However, my experience should also be used for professional advice / treatment.

Here are some contact points to get advice first and may be forwarded:

Kummer phone for children: 0800 111 0333 Office hours: Monday to Saturday 14.00 - 20.00 (Teenagers sit on the phone on Saturday)

Telephone Sea Orge : 0800 111 0 111 or 0800 111 0 222 Office Tours : Accessible every day around the clock


The boy who is bullied must necessarily out of the sacrificial roll. There are e.g. also antimobbing training. Very important is that the boy has a contact person with which he can reflect the situation. There are various advisory services that I would definitely use, that's all anonymous.

However, what you describe may be offenses or maltreatment. In this case, the corridor to the trust teacher and director would be announced. What do the parents say? Is the child no matter?

If all this is a Saunande, somebody of you would have toPolice go. But I consider it extremely unlikely.


Easy to go home and ask

Carsten steel to pick school?