Do my feelings confess or wait?

2021-08-26 08:02:09 MAURICE


I've got to know a nice boy about about three months ago (we both are full) I want to summarize it in any case we both like us very much, just want to take it slowly Point is we have already kissed and had stopping more I hope you know what I mean. : / And are still not together that it came to sex was unexpected but it was voluntary on both sides. Well, I would like to ask him if we finally come together or to confess my feelings, I'm just not sure how he reacts or how I should just explain that. Because it is already weird that we are not together and already have more running then it has to mean something. I still want to add we hadBoth a bad relationship before we got to know each other and we both just want to leave us time but still I have stopped as I'm afraid that he fooled me. What should I do in your eyes? What do you recommend me now?


You do not trust him

I just have a fear that he fooled me.

It sees that the relationship is not consolidated, it stands Not even if you have only a friendship +, or a relationship.

As long as you are uncertain, you better do not get any emotions, he can also express yourself to your feelings. Do not let you use and humiliate.

All the best for you


Hello .... U Say He Loves u Back ... And U Bouth Has Sex. ..Healoo ?? Realy ??

I would never have slept with someone if it would not be even ... I would go to him in your place, take him to his arms and tell him that What is so say.

You since at the beginning of a WOMEasily wonderful relationship ... Do not be afraid .. and ... he has done her too .... Take each other. And finally enjoys the time that seems to be ready for you now.

Waiting for more ... Well ...

I'll push you both the thumbs. Do not wait anymore ... Write him just ....The you have to talk .. Morgen .. ... God ... love ... Good luck to you both


Without reading everything I can say: if you are about your assessments about the "feelings" On a level since, tell him it. But if you love him "love", but not you, there are problems


Well, if he had a bad relationship before, then I do not think he fooled you. If it's aX came, then time I would say.


You even have several times .... why: - / ??

I think he thinks like you ... sms ... now .. Write, tomorrow ... or if time ..

Thumbs I push !! Good luck again !!!

Do my feelings confess or wait?