Is Corona not harmless compared to cancer?

2021-08-26 11:05:06 RUTH


I have a somewhat critical question today and would like to say that I do not want to be deserted as CoronalEIGNER and CO.

Now: / survey/prognosticated- Number-Von-BrebstodesFaelle-WorldWide/# : ~: Text =% 20international% 20agency% 20for% 20Research,% 2C3% 20Million% 20% E2% 80% 93% 20Tendenz% 20th.

According to the source, these are the deaths that died because of cancer 2020, worldwide. / survey / Development-of-Worldwide Death Faelle-Due-Coronavirus /

and here the Corona-Dead, I take 2020/21, worldwide.

Can you do that? Compare at all?

If so, then that would be pretty crass differences. How do you see that?


This is very difficult to compare because it is totally different diseases. And the course is completely different.


That's not the dead by Corona, but the dead associated with Corona. These are mostly older, heavy sick humans, whereby the circumstances can not be clarified, what they have actually died.

On the other hand, there are many people who die within two weeks after vaccination. Why is no statistics led here "Dead in connection with the vaccine"? Vaccinated-421725.html

https: //www.tichysin / Columns / Foreword-on Sunday / One-supposedly Natural Death-After Corona Vaccination /


The thing is that you are not both diseases Can compare so easily. Corona is far less deadly, but the diseases are also partly different. Just as you get, with Corona you have to get infinitely infected, making the measures important while cancer has other causes, such as smoking, alcohol, short-wave electromagnetic waves etc. or sometimes just occurs.


Well, despite the measures, that's the difference, without it's worse.


This is completely different diseases which one can not be compared.

Is Corona not harmless compared to cancer?