How does this run as a transgender with the partner?

2021-08-26 13:03:52 MARTIN

If I only decide on a transgender for mastectomy and take TESTRO. But on guys standing and himself wants to be boy. What if I want a friend and wants to be with the intimate but does not want a male sex part, so then does not find that weird. Or remains single as a transgender?


You can of course take partnerships and / or sexual contacts, as you make this concrete design, however, to you. There are enough people who are open to a relationship with trans * people and do not find ourselves weird - even if you do not go all the medical steps


I'm a gay cis Man and had no sex with an operated trans man / boy but I do not think it's not important if someone cis is with whom I have sex.

Especially in case you are passive with the preference, it is anyway Right uncomplied. Clearing this but best with other trans boys

Here you may find more contacts that you could ask:

https: //queer-lexikon.nET / UEEBERSITES / TRANS /


That depends on everything from the partner. But therefore, openness is very important from the beginning.


gives those that disturbs that and which does not bother that


If the boy does not want to be considered transhob, he has to go So take like you are just.

How does this run as a transgender with the partner?