How do you feel at / to orgasm?

2021-08-26 15:01:29 DUANE

Hey dear ones! I w / 17 is still JF I'm a bit embarrassing ... Anyway, I often satisfy myself but had no orgasm. I had tried it today with an electric toothbrush. Suddenly my heart started to hit my legs faster and I had a strong throb in my vagina and then felt as if a liquid felt a liquid as if I had to be pippi but somehow different then had stopped and did not have stopped . When I got up, I was a little shaky on both legs and was a bit dizzy ... is that normal? But it was beautifully but just and weird



Hello Sweetheart2789, Yes, I'm thinking that you had your first orgasm or missed in just very much, which may be lying on the soft shock that you believed you have to have To pee. Had for me certainly similar, then, but I had - from the locations - no concern, because it was outdoors and it would not have been bad if I had to make Pippi. What you describe is 100% normal. However, feel and feel different after every single orgasm. Sometimes fierce, sometimes gentle, sometimes a little .... sometimes you feel bare, sometimes you burst in front of new energy .... that depends on your mood and I wish you many many different orgasms are experiencing?D is allowed to enjoy ... By the way, with the electric toothbrush, is a good idea that I unfortunately have discovered for me a few months ago .... LG Sann W / 47


If you do not stress next time you know how to feel an orgasm, you would say you were quite a short time


I always feel very relaxed and after 10 minutes again urge

How do you feel at / to orgasm?