Girlfriend flirts drunk with a good friend of mine?

2021-08-26 16:01:05 HILDA

Hello, yesterday, my girlfriend (16) drunk a bit much and then at some point starting to lay her leg between her legs from my colleague (16) (was not long, otherwise I would have intervened anyway). Then she also started to lay her hand of the fire on his lap and missed him several times so flirted baking pipes. (Not hard, only so tender with the comment "I have to scrut to you again)

Now I ask myself if and if so, if I should respond first.

or should I prefer to forget the thing first and wait if something happens.


I would tell her that you find it unattractive if you do not handle in the drunk state.

Thus you are in the superior discussion position.

If you are more likely to discuss with your jealousy, you are in the inferior position (jealous of buddy, controlling ...).

She could then discuss that you are just jealous, Nothing is on a flirt and she does not borrow.

If you tell you that you can do such drunk behaviors, it can not be released with jealousy, but is confronted directly.


Has your friend participated?

If yes, take it with her and finish him.


I think I think I believeDo not find it sexy at all if you do not handle your behavior / alcohol consumption.

Yellow card! At least!


Can you say quietly that it behaves very well, if she consumes too much!


Say her That you did not find that good, and why she did that.

Girlfriend flirts drunk with a good friend of mine?