Why can Junkies get drugs from the state for free?

2021-08-26 16:05:00 DREW

Know there anyone who goes every day to Karlsruhe and gets his tablets for free because heroin is addictive.

(believe he gets methadone)

Why is the state in vain


I suspect that it is cheaper to spend such substances of pharamous quality on dependent people and provide medical care and consumer spaces, making these people the opportunity to lead a regulated life instead of The follow-up costs of procurement crime, neglect, illness and death by the use of contaminated and inadequate black market drugs.

So apart from the "human" aspect, that is, to see those affected as people who, if they want to help and accept them, and who do not have earned, derivative as "junkies" (from the Engl. "Junk" for "waste").

This report by Tomatolix isSince very interesting: "That happens when you take Heroin!"

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Methadone is a drug that serves to replace herointucht and with that in many cases the weaning can also be made. The health care system does not ask for the reasons why one has become ill, but tries to help to be healthy again.

For this reason, the methadone is also delivered in medical practices or in recognized addiction counseling centers under control. ImmerRhin then the ex-junkie then does not need to procure illegal drugs and possibly to commit crime (procurement crime) or to go to the stroke to finance.




In addition to the "age-aged" ...

In Germany, the system is designed for rehabilitation. Everyone should also get a 2nd chance again. Drug addiction is a mistake that you can forgive. ... (It's a disease where methadone is a kind of drug greeting.)



Because no money has any money. And thus, further crimes are prevented and additionally the pure administered is considered to be the postpoint. So crimes and deaths are prevented.


Methadone is a synthetically produced opioid used in the FRD as part of the substitution as a substitute for heroin. It also has a highly pain-reducing effect without strong noise states, say: The "kick" is missing.

Methadone is used for so-called substitution therapy in heroinsucht. This is the replacement of the drug by controlled amounts of another substance that is always reduced in the dose. Thus, the patient should be gradually weaned from heroin. Box, does not make a .... But preserves before embarrassing, stupid, questions.

Why can Junkies get drugs from the state for free?