Dog hunt cats in your own garden?

2021-08-26 16:05:49 REX

I have a detached house with a larger garden. Now it is so in our rebuilience there are many cats that often visit us. I always leave our dog (German shepherd) the opportunity to go in the garden. But since he is annoyed by the cats who come in his revier he likes to chase them. It does not bother me and let him do there, otherwise the cats often do their business in my garden.

Two days ago, he has now caught a cat a bit gross and the owner (to them) came to me. He said that I should not do that (my dog ​​hunt the cats) and I would still hear from him.

Should I stop trouble or have I not to fear? I mean it's my garden and I do not hurt my dogExtra on the cats, I'll let my dog ​​just do.


When your neighbor is so worried about his cat, he should pull a cat-proof fence his garden.

Honestly, I do not understand people who leave their cats uncontrollably around outside and then desire from neighbors, tolerate the shit in their gardens!


If something comes then I would arrive it on a litigation. Depending on the view of the judge, the one or the other is right. Really secured statements can not be made in the case.



We also have a very large change with forest and manifold dogs. Hunting all cats. Mostly they can save themselves on the trees. Was in individual casesThey awkward something and the three dogs were waiting below. So we saved the cat and put the dogs briefly into the house.

But we are not always there. It is the responsibility of the cat owner whether he wants to hold his cat as a freiggerin. Of course, he risks that the cat will drive a dog into the catches or run on the street.

On the other hand, many birds fall victim to the cats. He will not be held responsible for that.

Your neighbor will have to live well or evil with this risk. His rental is also a predator.



What you can do your dog in your own garden, is your thing - and if your neighbor does not want his cats bitten wehe must ensure that they stay on his property.

I also had Sol a neighbor who even threatened me with his lawyer. I just said, "Make ...", then I've turned around and just let him stand. Discussing with such people makes no sense!


As always, it depends on the individual case. If you did not find your dog specifically on cats or trained it accordingly and the dog was only a time as usual for a while in the fenced garden, then you can not make a reproach.

Dog hunt cats in your own garden?