2021-08-26 17:03:08 CORNELIUS

I would like to study anesthesiology later and wanted to ask you if JMD Weis what the tasks of an anesthesiologist are? So what he has to do, I do not think he only informs people and monitors whether the anesthesia works or?


Anesthesia is a very varied and demanding compartment, because anesthesiists are needed both in the OP, as well as intensive care units, emergency medicine and pain therapy. Many are permanent in a hospital or an OP center, other work freelance and can be booked by the practice or clinic for an intervention.


You have to do so far the weis first general Study medicine and complete 2 state exam. Then you are a general doctor and can specialize. I also believe the prior training 4-5 years again.


Specialists for anesthesiology, the so-called anesthesiists, are also commonly referenced as anesthesicsHnnet. They accompany their patients throughout the process of anesthesia / anesthesia and are available to them before, during and after medical intervention.