Since when is there a flag for every sexual orientation?

2021-08-26 19:01:56 PEGGY

Did that have become a mainstream since the rainbow action?


One should - in my opinion - so understand that all community, no matter what it's all and how big it is, has a symbol that is namely a flag.

For example, the Esperanto speakers also have a flag. The Buddhists too. The Danube honeycomb in Hungary, Hindus, etc. Nowadays, it may seem hyped because many LGBTQ members exaggerates it and therefore they often immerse themselves in network or social media.


I I have used the flag of my sexuality so far once, but I do not need it. I also do not know why you should need something like that.

Sure, simplify symbols a few things - but would not be a symbol for everyone? Why do all your own symbols need exceptTo show what they belong to themselves?

I used to identify one of our Stammtische, so newcomers find the right table ...


Me Show the PanSexual Flag:

  • In order to make Homophobe people easier to go out of the way
  • Because I like to open my attitude showing like a football fan or fan of other preferences
  • Because the flag also represents a symbol of tolerance


As Goth wearing black has the LGBT subculture just her flags.

is the same principle in the end. And since in the subculture the labels and also show a high priority. Would you like to show that outwards. And since there is already a concreteFlag for ale there. Further flags are an obvious choice.

The whole thing is possible accordingly belonging to belonging and is a simple way at least within the subculture to show its affiliations.

Another comparison would be tape shirts that are very common under metallers. Which also communicate others which bands may like.

Another comparison would also be like any principality and nowaday every city many many villages have their own coats of arms.

is nothing else.


My research says:

Gilbert Baker has the rainbow pride flag 1978 for the celebrations for San Francisco Gay Freedom Day designed. The flag does not form the rainbow faithfully. The colorsThe rainbow rather portrays as horizontal stripes, with red at the top and purple at the bottom.

All the other flags probably came later. Unfortunately, as a hetero, I'm not involved, because there are so many flags.

.. ^^

Since when is there a flag for every sexual orientation?