How do I speak with a depressive?

2021-08-26 19:02:41 ELVIRA

How best I talk to someone of the PSY. Problems has but dense. The one does not really accept the help of psyschologen.


in love and good, real, authentic, truth, justice. Pay attention to him as he is.

Maybe he loves the sacrificial role and draws the gain of donation. Then himself the groschen must fall. Nobody can help him, because he does not want to recognize, change nothing.


difficult to different from person to person. You have to take care of a treminel field


talk to him, as with any other man.

Help no one wants to have pushed. Instead of giving advice, just listen to him and let any verdict stay.

If he asks for help, then help him.


Pay attention to everyone Case on its KörPERSONALLY. That often says more than words. At least in the field of depression, because it can come here to a language poverty. In addition, you can ensure external stimuli, such as a pleasant lighting ratio or soothing music for him, so that he / she feels more comfortable and more access to talk.


was Also depressed in school because of bullying.

I can tell you that people are depressed are happy to be treated as they are not depressed. So not "hang on big Glokke".

How do I speak with a depressive?