I think I feel what two people, is that?

2021-08-26 19:03:02 ALBERTO

I think I feel what two of my best friends both 12 and I (a boy) also 12. What should I do ? In the case of truth or pelvic we sometimes play as a clique (where both girls are with them), I always have such a feeling and hope that I have to make a task with one of the two, for example. Keep hand, kiss. How to realize if I'm in love with and if you love me too.


Thank you for the answers


That can ever happen that one forms this. Normally, your feelings will be stronger for one person - then you also need the luck that the person wants you, as you are.

Look with which you could better imagine something. Not only from the appearance but also of the character. Who best suits you :)

If you have chosen one, you try to get to you.


First of all, if you ask for both Love feeling or only enthusiasm.

and ..

Would you love the first really crass, it would not give 2.

So in the case the 2nd person choose.


That can be already.

I think I feel what two people, is that?