Interpretation to the picture?

2021-08-26 21:03:51 ROMAN

What can you interpret in this picture? Please help


God has created the universe to geometric and harmonious principles. To seek these principles means to seek God to pay attention to him and worship.

Science, and Particularly Geometry and Astronomy, what Linked Directly to the Divine for Most Medieval Scholars. Since Thesis Christians Believed God Imbued The Universe With Regular Geometric and Harmonic Principles, To Seek Thesis Principles What Therfore to Seek And Worship God.


God and the people in the Middle Ages


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MarkTehring with hawks and fire swallows, knight games and minneliers - the Middle Ages undoubtedly has a stimulus. Or at least that, which keep enlightened contemporaries for "the Middle Ages". People-Im-Middle Ages-1728 /

In the Middle Ages, the time of education began in Europe, which is presented in the picture by the Circle.

Especially the trade sea paths were mapped and protected as state secret.


This is the Holy Aloisius of Gonzaga, who lived in Mantua, Italy. He had about the same spleen as Alexander von Humboldt, he had to measure everything. As his housekeeper Clara theDough for a Ciambella, an Italian Gugelhupf, touched, he also wanted to measure it, but the dough was so shapely and unhappy that he did not measure, whereupon the housekeeper deered: "My Lord, wait until it is baked!" ("Signore, Aspetta Che Sia Cotto) Since then, this exclamation is an expression in Italy when someone proves little patience.


In the picture you can see the pier (Demiag), the Missing the spheres of the world. The world's skids are facing and cut to the viewer. I recognize / interpret in the middle the earth, about sun and moon as well as stars. God has a circle in his hand and missing his work. God as a geometer or as a world architect. As can be seen, lives, God is in a ÜBerwelt (higher dimension), the uswire world with earth, sky vault with the planet (sun, moon, etc.) and over this world globe the Gottwelt. But these Gottwelt (represented as a window) can be exceeded by God in his omnipotence, as the left-leading Godfoot indicates.

Interpretation to the picture?