Is that negative?

2021-08-26 21:05:44 JANET

"Maybe you have become too fast. You have taken care of yourself so much about your sister and your father that you forgot to treat you fun and leisure. So you are matured faster than others."

That has told my therapist to me. It was about why I hardly find friends in my age and feel the contact with the same age. Although he meant that people with high purity often often have other interests, but the above is not allowed to rest. I have been working for a long time to contact me with 11 year olds (so in the age margin), but it falls with heavy.

And I do not know if he meant the negative sense and that it is a problem or not. I still wanted to ask him, have itHe forgot and I only see him in 4 weeks.Is fast maturity really hindrance?


Think both as well. Because, if you had a clever environment, in the sense of, no diseases and so, mother and father, both healthy, both also will help you, you would have not had to take responsibility. You are thus on a very different level as many in an old, but as many adults I would almost say.

So honestly: If I read your texts, I would not think that comes from one around the 11.

But I suspect, even if everything would be perfect with you, you would just be far more mature than others in your age, but also had more time to deal with that, with which your peers are about to deal with ,

IT IBut now as it is and you do not have to be friends with everyone. It will certainly also raise those who are more mature. But maybe you can get your father with the therapy with the boat? You will not take it away, especially not if you work. But it is Sichelrich good for you, if you can give you a break.


Fast to tires usually means that you are often developed in some areas of deficits - especially when you have missed steps in your development or have come too short. Everything is possible, nothing is neccesary. There is only one problem when a suffering is created.


It's a problem if you make it a problem.

Do you feel thatl that you missed something or missed? If no, and if you are happy and satisfied with you and your situation, then I see no reason why you should adapt to compulsion. Sure, a degree of social competence should be aimed at. But you do not have to be like others.

I do not think he has meant it negative. Therapists learn to observe as objective as possible and express themselves accordingly. I think that was just a neutral description and interpretation, as he perceives you.

But that's just off. Important is what is important to you. Of course you should come up with your peers. But if you understand yourself with older ones better, it is perfectly fine to orient yourself in this direction.

I wish you all the best! : -)


So you are highly gifted and on treatment with a psychologist? Well, vllt is right, what he says. Negative is not. You were just too little out and just cared for your family. :)

is nice. I had no friends for a long time. But then at some point it was done in my heads (without psych) click and have overcome my shyness (I was 11 or 12 years old). And now it works. You are grown-up? Well, you have to go more in the tavern and you may vllt. Register in one club. May I ask why you are in treatment? Because if you e.g. have a social phobia, then it is explanated.

When you work with friends and at the othernot. You do not need 10 friends or more. If you have it, yes, but if you only have 2 very good friends, it's great! Go out to the world: D

And I do not know if he meant the negative sense and that it is a problem or not.

No, This is not meant in the negative sense. It is a completely value-free determination of the facts or life circumstances that made you to what you are.

If you have taken care of your family so unselfish, then that's admirable and speaks for you. Your therapist sees it just as well.

Is that negative?