Which direct election campaign between the three Chancellor's Canditates * in wo

2021-08-26 23:05:07 NAOMI

Olaf Scholz vs Annalena Baerbock Choose 43%

A three-duel is better choose 24%

No interest Choose 14%

Armin Laschet vs Olaf Scholz Choose 10%

Annalena Baerbock vs Armin Laschet Choose 10%


With Lashing VS Scholz, two experienced politicians would step in the discussion.

This discussion could still achieve undecided voters.

A discussion with the completely Office-inexperienced Marrechcock is as great as a conversation with a blind over colors, that would be a polite satire show.


I consider it completely uninteresting, because we in contrast to the United States have no presidential system and therefore not to be able to move the powers from their own initiative only approximately as much as much as the US president can be able to use the law because of the Law and majority voting and two-party system, so that the ruling party largely Free hand has, hWe do not go here either.

Accordingly, I do not quite understand what that should be good, which comes out in the end, the coalition agreement decides anyway. And can really coordinate and manage the work of a coalition government, a television show is cute in a microphone, even no meaningful qualifications.

to a German Chancellor are simply quite different requirements than on A US President, which concerns the official and its competencies are also significantly limited, so the possibility to have the possibility to have a risk of two-party system outside the need for the coalition partner to be able to rule through more or less uncompromisingly.

Therefore, I do not know why you have imported this format, for me basically pure waste of time, because it does not comply with the framework conditions of our political system.

Accordingly, I am honestly also not pure.


It is essential to give a three-duel

Think Scholz would most likely convince positively


and Then a good shipment on at least another program for switching.


would have the highest information value for the viewers.

Which direct election campaign between the three Chancellor's Canditates * in would be more interesting for you, much like in the US?