See 51 cm size stupid stupid (193 cm and 142 cm)?

2021-08-27 00:02:37 HERMAN

I'm 15 / m 1.93 m tall, and have a girlfriend who is only 1.42 m with 15. When we walk out outside, I always have such a funny feeling, and it's embarrassing. Does a violent difference in size look stupid in the public?

1.93 m and 1.42 m?


If your girlfriend is embarrassed - that's ultimately - then disconnect you.


But are you a self-thinking man and love your girlfriend, then looks of outsident shit shelves.

The size difference automatically pulls looks. Be proud of your girlfriend, she has the size to accept your length and it is not embarrassed.

Your relationship counts, not the centimeters!


I do not find. I find it rather sweet. But it does not matter what others think about you. Main thing you are happy and you can handle it.


No, it does not look funny. Your size difference should not tackle something and not the quality EUDetermine relationship.


Yes, looks very funny ...

With a couple known to me, the man is 1.85m tall and the wife is 1.54m ... and these "only" 31 centimeters difference already look very harmonious. The two never disturbed how that looked for others. You can have problems or make problems.


If you love you, it does not matter. You have your girlfriend for you and not for the others.

See 51 cm size stupid stupid (193 cm and 142 cm)?