Can the love ever come back when it's lost?

2021-08-27 03:00:56 CARLA

Here I talk about that one loses the feelings for his (ex) partner after a separation, with which one went apart in the good. Can they come back?

Yes, at a later date Choose 82%

Never choose 18%


In any case! If you are with the old love as far as possible, and reasonably finished, then definitely, as soon as you are ready again!


This is of person to person different. In principle, it may be that feelings come back then.


My parents have divorced and came to me 4 months later with me as I would find it when they would be together again. I was 14 and stood at the beginning of an anorexia. I found it shit because we lost the house, our dog and I lost my mind through her kindergarten.

They found their love later.

Today I am 30. My parents live together again and take care ofaround each other. From a distance I love my parents more than before where I lived with them.


not answerable, as individuals differ from individuals !!


Nen friend of mine has finished 4 times with his girlfriend But that's not serious too

Can the love ever come back when it's lost?