Is you true?

2021-08-27 03:02:07 LEE

So I discuss something with someone about something (the topic is irrelevant).

In any case, we both were wrong and although the person with which I had wrongly disappeared, she says I will probably never see a university from the inside.

I'm 12 and this person has not won in a discussion with me,
It's not quite ridiculous to write something like that.

I mean how can you still write something ridiculous although you were wrong?

I think his behavior is childish than mine (being childish with me completely normal I am finally a child).

Do you agree to me?


You both did not feel like fame, but you will still learn how to discuss with toxic people or, better said, not discussed.

For a profound analysis, I would need more context. And without context, I will not beat myself on his side, neither on his, nor on your side.

That's how I looked around. If I consider the age of your counterparty, you have set up a little better. But is still expandable. : -)


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Is you true?