Is it funny to have 26 no girlfriend?

2021-08-27 05:04:59 AMY

No Choose 90%

Yes ridiculous Choose 10%


No, on the contrary.

It is funny to try out people instead of thoroughly learning to get to know and then to marry if it has found it's the right partner or just Continue to search.


No, let the time ran come you will also find someone.

It is important to you not so much stress and let it come to you and do not want to desperately

Good luck LG


I suppose you mean, if you have never had a relationship with 26?

That's not ridiculous. But it's sad in my eyes. And I Know How You Feel: (

I'm 24 and in the same situation and you feel and again or more often senselessly.


No, of course not. One has a girlfriend with 16, the other with 30 not yet. Everything is normal. It also has advantages when binding only later or at all.


It is more "unusual," but still something that it is not so rare.
I suppose you would like to change that? Or is not you so important to you?

Is it funny to have 26 no girlfriend?