Child has fear in the dark, but without fear!?

2021-08-27 07:02:29 LYLE

Hello everybody,

We have been a giant problem with the child for about a year (early 5 years) and it is so that he screams at night and always calls that he is afraid. When this night is in place, then there is harbinger as various sentences he says or staged fear he invited himself with "intention" about the nocturnal terror to justifests. He claims to see God at night, hear sounds or burn bushes.

We make him radio plays at night (dragon coconut, he loves so much), but a few minutes he comes with the phone to us, about us The radio play and says that the battery is empty, which is not that way (100%) and calls some other points just to have a reason to come.

During the day he is quite aggressive and sayEven that he wants to tear his father and his new girlfriend. He also held his brother the knife to the chest

He is extremely conspicuous and we fear that he is ill, since a) his father at a bipolar personality disorder and schizophrenia unfortunately and b), the parents and generations His father was also very difficult to mentally ill (father 3 years of laps, also the mother. Father has already brought an ex to jump out of the window).

The child looks like Damien, ie the Omen. It is really recognizable to him and he knows neither rules nor normally. He is also very dominant and often talks about death, blood and he is suffering from other suffering.

He comes at night, even the light is In his room.He and his brother share a room and there is absolutely no logical reason for fear.

In addition, I remembered that he is always scared, fear in a room with conviviality light and audience, but dares through the darkness to the bedroom? Makes no sense.

I still want to add that he is very oppurtiistically manipulative. He does everything for his will, be it violence.


Events said that his father held his mouth as he shouted and who knows what else has happened, because the father does not want to allow any if we go to a psychologist with the child !!!!

I assume that there is much more hurry and he was afraid that something could come to daylight what bettershould have been under closure

Greeting of the Stiefpapa


It can be done with its experiences with the father, but also come from a completely different level that does not exist for psychologists.

The case reminds me of a child a client, which was always impulsive aggressive - Käfer killed when others were looking forward to suddenly banged other children in the middle of the game, etc.
There were already tens of talks with educators, psychologists, etc. - without success.
We made one Installation, and with an appointment everything was over! And it stayed like that too. The transformation was so great that the educators spoke the mother on it. The child became calm and began to cuddle at once.
The cause was that the child led to the emotions of another person (uncle) that oppressed their aggressions. The child was like a valve and lived them on behalf.

Children are not the cause in the new cases - this is usually in the environment.


So the children The wildest stories think so soon as it goes to bedtime to stay awake longer, even very normal. Since one should be cared for as a parent.

But just as you describe him, that's really terrible I hope you can give him all the love that seems to have been missing for a long time. I'm just wondering where does he know all this with the blood, death violence? A child at his age should not have a cell phone, what does he look at it?


You need evidence of behavioral problems. DrainCancel reports of the KITA z. B.

Then, in succession, all the necessary steps, goal of the father to diagnostic the child.

1. Cover letter, attach form to approval, set deadline. Power of attorney would have to write your own. 2 sets rang.

If no, then ...

2. Father Suggest a joint appointment for agreement on an educational counseling center, set deadline

If no, then ...

3. Contact youth welfare office, provide evidence, provide settlement attempts, notify the child's need and demand for help to ask divine mediation.

If no, then ...

4. Discuss specialist lawyer for family law and submit a judicial application.

Good luck!


I find it totally bad, as you talk about the boy.

A child at the age feels afraid and if it is interviewed, it says reasons, but it does not know the true reasons.

But with a stepfather like you, he is rightly scared.


This is due to myself for me, as if a traumatization is fundamentally here. The whole behavior raises the question of a possible therapeutic or social / trauma-deagogical connection (SPZ / KJP - please google with local access).

The local and factually competent Jugenamt should be consulted in order to help in processing before it is consulted from another place.

Child has fear in the dark, but without fear!?