How is your (open) relationship?

2021-08-27 12:01:01 TONYA

Pleasant afternoon dear community

I noticed that I have never thought about open relationships. (Not within the meaning of: "I want a", but in the sense of: "What's the everyday life?")

I ask that no one is wrong now.

Yes, there are normal relationships, but then with a belonging difference ...

Now my questions:

  1. How did the whole start? (Have you first expressed the desire for an open relationship, or your partner / partner? There was a special occasion for this? Was your partner / partner agreed from the beginning? Was it agreed from the beginning?)
  2. How comes Your to your other sex partners? Who are you? (ONS, F +, Tinder-TrEffects, friends, other?)
  3. Do you talk about your partner / partner? If so, how intensely? How often?
  4. (to question 2): If you talk to your partner / partner about your other sexual partners ... How do you actually see such calls?
  5. How would you handle that, if you would be pregnant by another sex partner / you would swish?
  6. Says your partner / partner in advance that you are now going to a person who will probably be sleeping?
  7. I hope I have put this question as little flat-telling as possible. But I'm just curious about your (individual) everyday life in an open relationship



I call my relationship half open but since there is no meaningful answer I thought I'm writing one.

Shortly to the details of our relationship: my husband and I have the agreement that I may have something with a woman. Or we have something to be 3rd with a woman.

Now to your questions.

1. It has with us with a more or less monogame relationship. Only that I had more and more of the need to have something with a woman, we started with that I would like to kiss a common girlfriend who likes to kiss women if they have drunk.

Up to the point I want to live out my lesbian site (BI) Why we have agreed that I have something withWomen may have. And I also have a relationship with a woman may have. But what I do not want at right now I would like to have a F +.

2. I come to the women mostly about various dating portals times it is only sending data and my goal is f + but füe everything else out of relationship I'm still open.

3. I'm talking completely openly about it with my partner and do not tell all the woman with that I write with which I write as soon as I write more and more seriously I tell him about it.

4. Like the conversations in my eyes normal when I come from a Date home we usually sit down in the evening and I tell him or he asks me about it.

5. I've never felt jealousy but we keys too slowlyRan he had not yet had no Se with another while finging or playing (BDSM) but I was not jealous. But I'd like to have watched that way, I would not believe I'm jealous if my husband has sex with a woman if I'm in it.

My husband was briefly jealous where I knew at a party with a woman. Then I briefly cuddled and kissed him again and we talked about it and everything was fine again.

6. Supreme rule in sex with others alone because of sexual diseases condom / reading duty mandatory. So pregnancy quite unlikely. And if it would come to it, he must take care of the child. But you can see that then. Is not worry of us.

7. Yes, I say to him inIn advance, if I have a date and tell him if I appreciate that it comes to sex or not.

I hope I can help you with my answer and could answer your questions.

LG donkey fluorine


ME Open relationship works like any other .

is the same for many, but sometimes also with differences.

The "open" usually stands for both or only one of both other sexual partners / may have / ...


I do not think of an open relationship, I'm not human for that.

Proper Hate


The subject of polyamory fits zero here. Polyamoria has nothing to do with an open relationship. These are completely different things.


So I would not be able to use my girlfriend of any other men

For me, the Nievee would have gone

Bin But none of the jealous and even foreign is therefore being jealous of BLYAT

How is your (open) relationship?