Do LGBTQ people have no place in paradise?

2021-08-27 12:05:06 MANUEL

God created man and woman, Ergo was the basic idea. If I'm not mistaken you are not positive in the Bible to other than heteros.


"LGBTQ people have no place in paradise?"

Children had no place in paradise. Adam and Eva were created adult, and the first children were designed only after they were out.

In this respect, there were exactly two people ever so far, which have ever seen paradise from the inside.

And God looks at the heart of people. People can never say about any other person that they were excluded from heaven. The only thing that people know in this is, who is already safe in heaven: For this, there is the canonization processes that take over for many years and where many experienced professionals work and of course wait for a sign of God, as it is yesHis decision is.


Disclaimer: I am a Christian Christian.

LGBTQ is indeed in the Bible in any positive light.

However, this does not apply as an exclusion reason for salvation and eternal life.

An example: Homosexuality is called "aberration" in Romans 1: 26-27. In reading up to verse 28, we find out that there was a deeper problem with the recipients of the Roman letter, whereas God has approved such a liaison: a lack of faith or reverence .

Another example: "innerly", so sexual immoral, is counted in 1. Timothy 1:10 in a series of transgressions. In reading from verse 8, we find out that statutory regulation (e.g., regardless of sexual morality)In a special kind of people, apply: those who are not among the "just" count. Who rejects factory rights (which should be clear after many places like Ephesians 2: 8), knows that justice follows faith (Example: Hebrews 11: 7). And again, we are with an underlying problem from which "innerly" emerged: lack of faith or reverence .

Already because of these examples, it should not be surprised if the same Paul, who wrote the Roman letter, the 1st Timotheusbrief and the Ephesians letter writes in 1. Corinthians 6: 9-10 writes that in case of inheritance not "the kingdom of God inherit ". Because there is very probably a difference between "innered" and being as "juvenile". God is compelled, but WI do not impose salvation as a loving God if we do not accept them in faith.

Jacobus writes in a letter that "faith without the works are dead [is]" (James 2:26). If my faith does not express itself in action, you all accepted here good reason that I have no faith (Jakobus 2:18). And yet: just as little as works / did not give us rescue, close (e.g., the live out of homosexuality) from rescue.

I understand to be honest even often not the abstruse aversion of some Christians against eg homosexuals. Sure, she comes from Bible points as sin. But as well as the lies - us even in the ten offered! The aiming of LGBTQ tendencies is neither less even more than othersSins. And with the things I've already done, it's about the guilt I have loaded on me certainly worse than the sometimes a "LGBTQ man". And exactly there we read from Mr. Jesus:

(...) Who is without sin among you, the throw the first stone on them! (Century 8: 7)
Jesus pointed up, and since he saw no one as the woman, he said to her: Woman, where are those, your prosecutors? Nobody sent you? (Jh 8:10)
She said, nobody, Lord! Jesus said to her: So I do not condemn you . Do not go and sin! (century 8:11)


God / Jesus loves homosexual people (as well as all people and thus all those under one certain form of LTBTQ fall) andDo not allegate your homosexuality / lifestyle. He assumes everyone as he is. He wants people to give him his heart.

Anyone who gives Jesus his life is transformed by him from them, towards a man who is full of love, mercy and kindness (so after his picture).

If you first understood this message that Jesus does not believe homosexual people (or what else falls under LGBTQ) and he assumes them as they are (they should do Christians too), then I can now Also with the embassy come that Jesus also has ideas in the sexual area, as a person has to be (in addition to other values ​​such as love, loyalty, mercy, and much more).

It belongs to that he is homosexuality and joeyCharts for people does not provide for people, but they are not convicted (no matter if you have done a gender conversion or still wants to carry out). It's about to accept Jesus as a Lord and Redeemer and the rest will come from himself. Sometimes it takes years, sometimes it's immediately that Jesus people are changing in the sexual area. And that in a way that you want it yourself and not forced.

Here Bible verses that homosexuality is not in the sense of God / Jesus:

When a man lies with a man, as if he were with a woman, so they both committed a gray, and they should be killed; Your blood is on you! 3. Moses 20:13

I would like to mention that Jesus BereITS has taken the death penalty on the cross, if one accepts his detection gift (= accept him as a Lord and Redeemer)

Further verses:

You should not be any husband How to lies with a woman, because that's a gray. 3. Moses 18:22

and New Testament:

That's why it has to give God in clear passions; Because her women have reversed natural traffic with the desirable; Likewise, men have left the natural traffic with the woman and are banned against each other in their desire and driven man with man shame and receive the deserved reward of their aberration to themselves. Romans 1: 26-27

Now two biblical sites for the love of God / Jesu To all people:

For example [very] God loved the world that he gave his native son, thus

, who believes in him is not lost, but has eternal life. John 3:16

Now hardly someone dies for a fair; For a benefactor maybe someone decides to die. God, however, proves his love to us by the fact that Christ died for us when we were still sinners. Romans 5: 7-8 Meredith God created man and wife God also created people who biologically do not fit into these categories. If I'm not mistaken you are not positive in the Bible to other than heteros. The Bible knows neither the conceptof heterosexuality, still from LGBTQ *. Do LGBTQ people have no place in paradise? I knew no reason why sexual orientation should be criterion for paradise. The Bible calls completely different criteria. TRACEY God created man and woman that they can make children and thus another person arises, that has nothing with LGBTQ +.

Do LGBTQ people have no place in paradise?