Why is strange so frowned, but accepted?

2021-08-27 12:05:48 CHARLES

Here, questions have been asked for questions about the foreign going. The answers are always similar: "That's not good what you do, but do it that way and better."

Basically, one helps to get somehow in this situation, if someone would have stolen something To deal with him quite differently, as this is not accepted.

This is actually showing that foreign goes something socially normal seems to be normal, the people let their love or sexuality new flames, why should that also be reprehensible be?! Is not life too nice to block yourself and put it into an emotional experienced? As far as I know, came the idea of ​​marriage from the church?! And who believes already at the nonsense of the church,probably the least-in all respect to the faithful.

What do you mean?


Strange goes mostly with laves and lies hand in hand. And that is a massive trust break.


My opinion:

Who keeps the marriage for nonsense, should not marry. If you still married, because you bend the tradition, you can still hold them for nonsense.


Foreign going is very negative.

When the theft you know how to make it better -> do not steal.
There are other ways other than "not foreign". That's why there is more to tell about how to make it better.


Although the foreign approach is considered negative, but to fall in love with someone elseT. That's why many try to give advice.


If that's your opinion, then that's okay. But not everyone is holding a monogame relationship for an "emotional prison" and many people value faithfulness, including me. If you continue to have sex with people while in a relationship, then you have to discuss this with his partner.


In anticipation, the marriage does not come from the church, which is closed a covenant between the man and the woman, was already with the Vikingern so with peace between two rulers.

Why is a foreign approach accepted ... well, probably because there are so many doing so much and apart from the feelings. I find foreign goack, accept it Niand would probably not forgive it.


If you go alien to change your partner ..

If you want an open relationship you have to judge that before

Why is strange so frowned, but accepted?