Someone wishes that I craze?

2021-08-27 12:07:26 SONYA

The current friend of my ex-girlfriend wrote to me about Instagram that we should meet and he wishes me that I craze.

What should you think of such people?


Just do not answer. They seem to feed them.

Block and Cancel Contact.


I do not get the connection.

Why does he want to meet with you? You can do it exactly so well at home ...

I would like someone to someone, I would not be extra time and money to say to him.

Or does he want to beat you?

Maybe you should then tell the police and meet you where they are already waiting for him. Then you can connect him immediately if he says to beat you.

I would just write back a message. Something like this:

" OK, let's meet, I was so nice and have egg for youMade appointment with psychotherapist you seemingly urgent. The address is: xxxxxxxxxx "



simply block it and do not turn it on it.

That's much more stimulating

Report Jesus

, block, shake head and tick.


Simply send it to the other end of the city or something. XD

Someone wishes that I craze?