Why is US President Biden under contrast to ex-President Trump so little critici

2021-08-27 16:01:02 JUSTIN

Media report:

For the first time since the beginning of 2020, in Afghanistan, US soldiers come back to life. That the trigger is not only chaotic, but also costs own victims, stressed Washington heavily.

Donald Trump was (often legitimately) criticized for his policy. The German news was full of criticism. Joe Biden continued Donald Trump's politics with regard to Afganistan. Trump wanted the trigger, Biden has implemented him. Nevertheless, the media will stick back with the criticism. There are in parts criticism, but that does not fall as clearly as Trump at that time.

What is it that here, although Biden has also made a catastrophic foreign policy, less criticism is practiced?


Because he does not behave on all levels as embarrassing and incompetent as Trump. Biden was aware of what the deduction would mean, but wanted to work against the image of the US as a world police, which intermixes everywhere. The idea of ​​not engaging in things that do not tackle a thing (especially since you've seen where that has led) is better than Trump's wild and angry rumstockocher for attention.

Of course, that does not mean that I do not The trigger as he went well!


You errone.

In terms of Afghanistan, biders is currently violent - and rightly, as I find - criticized.

However, it should be noted that the media recognizes that the policy in the USA is now no longer determined by a completely crowned type.


Trump provokes simply constant. Between his mistakes, he still makes comments on the wall construction to Mexico that Hillary belongs to jail and he just continues and does not stop.

Biden does not provoke incidentally.


Biden was after Trump a bright spot to stop further cleavage and polarization of America. And resume the bilateral concept. That he also followed the domestic mood so unconditionally I did not expect. And regret that very.

But But probably I was naive again and you had to expect it. Because otherwise he would have in his own country probably after hisEstimates can unfold a little opportunity for political effect.

But what happens to Doha I do not like it, since it has been possible with low forces to secure a reasonably stable peace and development opportunities.

A democracy in Afghanistan to Western role model , as some certainly did not mean. But maybe a reasonably stable state, with schools, etc. as in Pakistan.


Because he is reasonable and not constantly lying as his predecessor it did.

Why is US President Biden under contrast to ex-President Trump so little criticism?