Do not get orgasm as a woman?

2021-08-27 17:04:35 PETE

Hello. I lead a F + where the sex is doing very well. Unfortunately, there is the problem that I rarely come, if then only with toys. I addressed it that I am always a bit unsatisfied after the sex, since I'm always short of it but it's never all possible. I meant if we could use toys again, so that I come back to the move, but he does not want him, because it would not be the exercise? On my request that he may hold it again came a "I'm not a robot give you more trouble" Somehow .. has shocked me this message and I do not know what to answer on it. It is clear to me that you can not hold back as a man. But some consideration? But I'm just as a robot. I expect too much ofhim? What would you advise me so that I finally make it to come? And how can I value his answer, do I have been reacting? I always spoil him very long and extensively .. Mist runs so that he is coming and I'm leaving unsatisfied next to it.

Thank you


Many women not only come through penetration to orgasm. Does he spoil you with clit and could make orgasm for or after the sex? If he is not ready and no consideration takes care, he seems to be very selfish. Would end with him.


I find his reaction very stupid and do not have the impression that you have a good relationship .. and also with F + that should be a basic requirement ... I would be the thing Ending with him ...


With such a selfish, reckless and loveless sex partner (almost) every woman would have problems to get an orgasm. An orgasm starts (mostly) in the head!

Are you so desperateLT and do you actually need it that you have to do so an unsatisfactory, degrading, disrespectful and degrading F + relationship and such a man ??? Do not you pride?

I do not know a woman who did not send your Hanswurst for a long time to the desert.

There are many men looking for a F + relationship. It would have to fall slightly to find another and respects you like a living woman and not only looks a dead sex item in you, because more you are not for this Hanswurst!



When you're up and riding it in your own pace, while he plays with your nipples?

This always helps me extremely and I can only come like this

Anders are not different with me either

Sheldon He has no buck on you and to enter your needs - this man is waste of time.

Do not get orgasm as a woman?