Can I spot the food again ??

2021-08-27 17:05:26 JACK

I have just eaten three pizzas ... I just feel extremely fat and regret it ... Can I spot it somehow?


For what, for, you will surely think of what you have to uplift so.

Let that be handed over and take it as a teaching that you are sick is to saturate you with normal portions in the future.

Good improvement.


Get so Nen Kotz bucket and hold your face over it. Normally, you have to pass automatically. If that does not work - just wait :(

Good luck XD



I could recommend carbohydrate blockers or fat blockers for the future. That If you either take before or after eating, and then less calories are absorbed. This is at least better than vomiting everything again.


That would beE then the food for the next 3 days


Drink 1-2 glass of water.

Unregorted is better. Do not attack the teeth.

Can I spot the food again ??