What problems are there later when the partner or partner is 10-15 years younger

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Those who can pass in a normal relationship: dispute etc. With age, this has nothing to do.

What can be of course is that the partner then has more complaints than you yourself, because he gets older earlier, earlier dies and at the topic of children's desire is that too.

And of course it can always give people who find the age difference funny, but that's not the problem of couple.




Your interests are very different. Maybe one is still on cartoon and animes, but the other on films for older generations. Film technology would not have been much together sometime.


The BETaking is often different. Older people tend to have more peace and no longer join all Gaudi, while the young people feel bored and excluded.


The power of the public. Even if you say, it does not matter what others say, so you will be confronted again and again. And even if you like to be credible that you can get over it, it can be on a tague.


Children get heavy. Imagine that she is only 25 and to get in the best old children, but he already has 45. Probably he has already completed with the planning while she just starts. So - say, he can be bonded to try again a child and it works. Then he willIt's already 56 in 10 years when the child is 10 years. Assuming that it works the first attempt to become pregnant. Normally, the average is one year. That's what he was already 57, so almost 60.

At the age of 70, he would then be father of a marriageable child, assuming it marries early. We only give 5 years to what the child hardly means what is already 75-year-old dad, but this may not crawl anymore, or is dementate, or maybe dead. So this child will be one Parental lose parent early early and that is not completely without, because with 20-25-30 you start looking for his roots and find out something. A denter or dead dad helps ALso no longer further.


In general, an age difference can also arouse "mother feelings" or "father feelings". Much is still loving themselves, but love changes. Especially when people are still young. Then falls on the 50 year old: "Oh God, you're in the same age as my daughter ..." And that's how it can happen that sexually nothing more is running, because you are constantly seeing his daughter, instead of his partner.


Evtl it will also come to the fact that the older partner is sometimes in need of care. I know e.g. a man who is not 60 and already incontinent. Let's say, so it's together with a woman in the bloom of her life. He could someday say, "Honey, I do not wantT, that you have to change the diapers. I want you to enjoy your life, so you are looking for a man who is younger and can experience something else with you ".

Anders around it's just like that, of course.

Sevenths :

Personal example of me.

I am from winter 35 years. I get out of 16 year old guys offered, who like to have a mature woman. I tell those: "You, I am At an age, where I want children ... "And they say," That's okay, I also want what ".

I just can not say something like that. The boy just comes from The school, has not yet worked, never worked, never had any money to look at the world and have to go around. He has never been able to collect life experience, whiteL he has been a student ...

How could I withhold it all, just because I want children?

That's why I reject each of these offers. I do not want the boy to say in 20 years: "Shit, I have not experienced anything, except diapers change and give vials. The seriousness of life has been much to be present than that I had had something else for something else."

So I'm looking for my older ones who have already sniffed a bit alive and then knows exactly what he gets involved, as a much younger with such tasks, who has introduced themselves much easier.


The very normal relationship projects, libido tolerate mostly in the older partner, otherwise no special.

My last long-term relationship over 10 years was 14 years younger than me and my current is just under 20 years younger. It is only in the beginning 50, the chick.


Actually nothing. It could only be that sometimes there will be some problems because one may be more mature than the other.

LG :)


Nothing. Only the possibly the 15th year older faster faster looks much older than the partner. Otherwise nothing because if it is currently fitting with maturity, why should not it fit later. :)

What problems are there later when the partner or partner is 10-15 years younger or older?