What shall I do now ? Mother makes behind the back vaccination date without aski

2021-08-27 21:02:41 RANDAL

Hello, so as mentioned in the question my mother just did a vaccine for me yesterday yesterday I'm 16 years old and I did not want to vacate myself because I think it's stupid how to do it it is just Another blackmail This is my opinion and I never let me blacken either from the state! Yesterday in the department store, this stupid was Galt 3 g rule while eating. It is discrimination What the state does what would you advise me should I just go to the appointment? Because I find it stupid that my mother is the long-term sequences that you do not know so exactly at 12-17 year olds. Just as my father who has almost remembered the vaccination but nevertheless let me vaccinate.

I thank you for every seriousnessName answer in advance!


Your mother may make appointments for you like what you want to vaccinate at the appointment is but your decision. You can simply refuse it.

Everything Further shows that you have little trouble of the whole story.

First, the 3G control is not discrimination. You have 3 great possibilities and will be forced to nothing. If you have too great afraid of a small pie, then you have to test you, if you are too lazy to test and fear Vot to the Piece, then you have to get sick and be healthy again.

Who There is no desire for all 3 possibilities, which has stopped bad luck and can not eat there.

I would advise you to go to the appointment. The long-term sequences and LANG-based damage is rare and at least as a heart muscle problems would probably be due to the vaccination, which has not spared itself after vaccination beautifully a week, but immediately had to return to the football field, barely that he felt reasonably good.

Why your father had problems with the vaccine, nobody knows here and you do not describe what exactly was. Of course, it can always be that you infect yourself in this state of temporary weakening with anything, that's why conservation would be advisable.


Your mother may make appointments for you as much as she wants.

If you do not want to vaccinate, then you have to discuss that with her.


But the long-term sequences of a COVID disease do you know? No, so such rumors regarding the vaccine, which also partially appeal to urge to age, are only atmospheric.

Of course it is not good if your mother makes an appointment without your consent. You should have volunteer vaccinated. But you should have vaccinated, no more or less despite it. How did someone said?

True maturity is to do the right thing even if it recommend the parents.


You would have to be the one The best way to cancel, not that there may be costs because you were not there or something. Anyway, you have to discuss this with your mother: (


Nobody can do you zWing, as long as you do not want it, so do not do it.

I would advise you to simply talk to your parents seriously and explain them that it is your body and your decision, if you peep up or not, and not their.

What shall I do now ? Mother makes behind the back vaccination date without asking me?