What are they reasons for children's sex?

2021-08-27 21:03:38 DAMON

How can you explain the psychological and or philosophical that some adult men have the desire for sex with girls and young teens (under 18)?


There are, in addition to the already mentioned reasons, a very rational cause. Pubertierend producing an incredible amount of pheromones, and for people who can 'whistle', it certainly has an effect.

I for my part was always interested in older women until mid-20, later rather at about the same age. Therefore, I can not imagine how to bring child (l) me and attractively under a hat.

However, I have a lot of youth work on the hat, according to this also a lot of contact with young girls. And definitely, it always happens that they want to try. So it is also for me in the context of the conceivable that less character-based persons are not on something like thatHow to react as they should. Although I am looking alone with the thought of the neck hairs.



I (Bi; 15) had something with a 21 year old and he could do it too Not so tell what he likes me exactly. I do not care anyway. The main thing is fun. But I can tell you why I like to have something with an older thing.

He has a separate apartment, n own car and he deserves quite well. (No, I'm not paid for the sex xD)

LG Yousef :)

in the end

In the end, this is a kind of sexual orientation - just like sex with Animals. These orientations have existed since it gives the genus "human".

In some people this is so ProvAmmated - just as it is programmed is that someone is hetero, bi or gay.

Against this programming one can not do anything in the end. A "reprogramming" was tried again and again in the last century, but I do not think that had ever been successful.

People who feel sexually attracted to minors (under 14) or animals, just learn to keep their personal "programming" in the bridle and do not live up. You will not be able to live these legally and may - for good luck. Namely, I do not want to live in a world in which this would be allowed.


TJA Nu, there is a lot of literature.

but considers so kitchen psychological , I thinkthat they are afraid of adult women.

I could never understand it, that even during the older of some men, young girls remained so exciting.

For me, a kind of incestabu had developed. 18 year old at the age of my daughters - an almost disgusting thought. I always found women attractive in my age group. Especially from about 30 the strong women from 30, which discover in about this age that they can pretty much everything. No man need to come through life ...

Well, well, I do not want to swore emancipation and come back to the question.

I can not understand the reasons for this attraction in some men. And just gladlySo, as I think in this thing to be healthy. Now with 66 I like women around 60. OK 50 is also OK, Haha


Nunja, children's sex is not. Are not 12 more. Under 18, so teenagers. Would say the many the unused, young, tight, crisp girl applies. Eg by series stimulated. Would give the last money with such one for 1 night. Also the power seems to be assumed by the types. Or you are simply fascinated by it and still faithful to the girlfriend.

What are they reasons for children's sex?