How could Nazis and the German population believe Blue to sudden and blonde is g

2021-08-27 22:05:00 CLINTON

I mean most blond people, get immediately a sunburn can not go to the sun, what Africans can be without a problem

Blonde genes are other rezzesiv

But the population has noticed that at that time that, blonde people are genetically substated


It has to do so that blond was assigned to the Germanic "breed" and the "breed" was evaluated and not the hair color: D

the blonde and blue-eyed, the though closer to the Germanic UR stem, so the faith.


Well. Since blond and blue-eyed is the ideal. But that does not mean that every Arier is like that. Hitler had no blue eyes and was not blond either. I believe that this "blonde and blue-eyed" is rather slipped after the war so in the foreground.


However, the population has noticed that blond people E are genetically substated

Recessive does not mean inferior. Bright skin and bright hair, as well as blue eyes, help in coldIncidentally, climate regions of climate regions to take sufficient vitamin D through solar radiation.

You actually argue just as it did the Nazis, just in favor of other biological markers. So you can answer your question yourself now: just as you did here yourself. Rationalize any highlighting, unpleasant hiding or simple ignorance and wishful thinking.


This works with any ideology. Whether ethnic, political or religious, etc. Give people feeling they are part of something good, where others are superior and they ignore all the counter-arguments.

Unfortunately, I can not give any examples of no examples because of "Political Correctness".

Every single one of us must be ohDo not be "victims" to become such manipulations.


First of all, blonde, great people with blue eyes and high forehead aesthetically very appealing. Since you can come to the stupid idea you are superior to all others.

The bright skin is an adaptation to the cool climate, in black Africans can not be made sufficient in the skin in the lower sunlight Vitamin-D what leads to deficiency symptoms.

How could Nazis and the German population believe Blue to sudden and blonde is genetically superior?