What should I do so that I'm not afraid of?

2021-08-28 01:02:48 IRMA

I always look before I look my eye on the bed and beside the bed. I'm afraid that right in bed is a figure. Or under my bed. And that my mother is dead in the morning. I have already impressed that a hand came out under my bed. How do I get this fear away. Sometimes I have already imagined things


You have to learn to live with your fear. Whether with a psychologist or with a therapist etc. does not matter. With his urgent to live is his tight spots. Example.

The fear of spinning, also called arachnophobia, is one of the specific phobias. So those affected are afraid of a particular thing - in this case before a spider. They react completely in the sight or alone to the thought. (InfoLink, self-attempt).

In your case, I would visit a crematorium or similar visiting e.g. on a "open door". (i.e., your fear of dead).

The fear of death is only possible to overcome (you can not ask him) by MLearn to acuptizing life, no matter how long it takes.

PS: Questions like yours can never be answered with a few words, but the life of each individual is easy to complex.


Hi, ♀️

I know that!

So best looking for therapists or psychologists!

And otherwise, can you look, There is nothing, and do not scare if there is a little under bed, so n book or white

You can also think: what's wrong with? It's nothing, and it's Net there.

I understand this fear, I have sometimes sometimes what helps me: singing loudly, let light up (a guy, for example), think of it here's my favorite food, and support sosachen.

Oh yes, I am also called ShiriN (if that's your name: D)