Why is Russia an enemy for the West?

2021-08-28 01:06:56 IAN

Does the West keep the enemy picture "Russia" artificially upright, or why has Russia serving as an enemy picture?

Culture, values, etc. Russia and Europe are closer than those of Europe and the Islamic world or from China and South America.


  1. When the 2nd World War was over, some Eastern European countries were occupied by Russia (Sovjetunion) and suppressed with violence, although they had no fault on the 2nd World War.
  2. Many internet crime (hackers, spyware, malware) comes from Russia.
  3. Russia supports miserable dictatorships; e.g. Belarus.


Russia is officially classified as an enemy of the United States nor as the enemy of the West a total. But Russia is a developing situation; A nation that is highly unpredictable, with motivations that rarely match ours. Unlike Canada, Great Britain or France, the US has no good reason, Russia implicit (or at least NICHT without great reservations) to trust.

For a long time, the US has held Russia for a potential ally. In 1991, Russia became a kind of democracy and chose Boris Jelzin in the newly created office of Russian President. He promised to reform the Russian economy into a capitalist market economy (the same economic system used by the abovementioned Western allies). In 1997, Russia was added to the G7 and is the G8.

On the right, Puttin - in the middle

is equally symbolic, the suspension of Russia from the group in 2014 was after annexation The Crimea. The remaining heads of state and government expressed their desire for a return of Russia. in theJanuary 2017, Russia officially explained his final exit. Russia made it clear today that it does not strive to be our friend anymore. It's stupid of us, then treat it like a friend.

Russia is no longer a communist dictatorship, but far from it to be on a line. Their "free" market is dominated by corrupt oligarchs and their political systems are missing the values ​​of real democracy. More important is that they are against us in many international affairs (eg North Korea, Syria, etc.).

Russia may not be an enemy, but is not naive enough to believe it is our friend.


Do you think that here in the West a false popane will?I mean, you should really judge your question to Mr. Putin.

Here is a more older, but read-on article on the topic:
  • HTTPS: // WWW .baks.bund.de / DE / Working Papers / 2015 / Russia-and-Europe-In-Year 2030 Conflict or Cooperation

Yes, cultural are Europe and Russia actually closer than Europe and the Islamic world or Europe and China. But this is about political and economic power.

Moreover, do you think that relations between the China and the European States are good? I would say: Since China is very strong, one goes up, trying to be diplomatic, but no one likes to be with a sugar bread & whip regime, underwhich the human rights are kicked with feet. - in Islamic states where politics and religion are "confused" and the policy is determined by convincing religious bids, other reasons that require a certain kind of political handling of them seem to require or require.

Why you channel South America rather away from South America, but I'm a foggy.


Briefly and flush!

Old "block thinking" from the "Cold War" - NATO (The West - "The Good" - the Warsaw Pact (the Eastern Block - "The Bads")

after the End of the "Cold War" (1991) - the decay of the Warsaw Pact and the USSR in 16 diveLStases, there were aspirations Russia to record NATO. (1992)

But the USA (lobbyists u. Profiters of the large US armaments companies who saw their business segment strongly shrinks without "enemy picture" Russia, unfortunately "successful "Prevent!

All the best for you!


Because Russia is not so relenting its raw materials Provide as Julzin's time and the USA (which is strongly influenced and dependent), the Russia will want to re-play again n great opponent in the geopolitics as before.

Why is Russia an enemy for the West?