Will vaccinated antibodies now become particularly bad to corona killing worse t

2021-08-28 06:02:16 SANTIAGO

Then there are reacts. According to the Paul honest Institute, there are no cases yet. But have heard the vaccine was against the first variant of Wuhan, it is very likely that one is very bad at the Delta variant then especially bad because the vaccination was not designed so it does not protect well as well as against the other variant. Is this just panicmaking or probably that happens? Especially there is more people from day to day and the numbers are also rising from day to day since many vaccine


No, antibodies combat Corona - and the delta variant is slightly different than the wild variant, but not so extremely different that the antibodies would no longer work. Even against the delta variant, vaccinations act well.

It is reversed.


without really an expert in the field, it is really 100% Security only after a certain period of time say how vaccination on the body and shots affect themselves in combination with the virus. The interactions with each other and their causes can be made correctly at a later date. Therefore, caution is the mother of the porcelain bank.


No, rightnot. On the contrary. Who is vaccinated, is protected from a heavy course.


You do not know the long-term sequences, no one knows what happens.

Everything that is tailored to the direction is conjecture.

Those who are already vaccinated will be beautiful.


What is this for a logic ????

The existing antibodies actually prevent existing antibodies Infection, and if they do not completely succeed, it usually comes to a light course ... and not a particularly heavy ..

Will vaccinated antibodies now become particularly bad to corona killing worse than unaffected?