2021-08-28 09:02:45 JOHNNY

Hi! I'm 14, a girl and pretty big. (1.75) Due to my size, I look a lot going down and have (I think so) a hump in the neck. I noticed the other day but now it bothers me right. What can I do?


I'm also pretty much and know that I look down I believe that is normal but believe that I have no hump. I believe it is very probably with you the spine when it is very unusual and big and bother you should rather go to the doctor if you can send a picture of the hump I can better assess and judge it, otherwise I wish you all the best and hope That I could help you :)


Sounds like the spine. But if it is really unusual, then let check the doctor


Sports and stretching exercises should help


You have to keep your attitude Pay attention if you are permanently doing a hump does not seemJust not nice but at some point also causes back problems


comes from the smartphone. Is normal for your generation. Let's show a few exercises from the chiropractor.