Why do Vampire always look so attractive?

2021-08-28 09:05:35 CODY

In films and posters, vampires are always portrayed by particularly attractive young men.

Which thought should be transported thereby?


This has to do exclusively with the target group and the respective genre. Look at appropriate action or horror movies (or appropriate games) and you'll see a completely different picture of vampires.


Och ... So Max Frajse as Nosferatu, Bela Lugosi or Christopher Lee as Dracula ... were not shown particularly attractively; Although I have had to bite from Christopher Lee ... but the bite yes only virgins.

But there are a lot of vampire films in which the vampires were shown anything but attractive.

is also a matter of taste ... such a vampire, like twilight, I would not even want to touch at 10m with the thrust pliers.


Such a Bad Boy. They also usually look good.


Even behind the most beautiful façade, the biggest danger can dune


Bad Boys, which are none Heartbeat and therefore no erection can get.


Why do Vampire always look so attractive?