How likely is Corona infection?

2021-08-28 11:01:00 ELISA

How high is the probability of having infected when you have done with an infected person all day (or even several days) what (outside and inside). Is it impossible to have not been infected?


I would say, very likely. A guideline is I believe for 15 minutes in the immediate vicinity in a closed room.

The best way to quarantine yourself ... :)


It is Very likely

above all the time of contact and the possibility of aerosol propagation are crucial. Of course, the stages of the infected - that's what virus amount he / she gives up.

Is it impossible to have not been infected?

It is not impossible, but very unlikely

PS - I assume that the interiors were not permanently ventilated or filter & Currency plants had. And the distance rules were not complied with and noneFFP2 masks were worn at these meetings.



Very, very likely. Especially because of the delta variant, there are few moments enough.

If you have made the whole day with the person (and be unpired), you're pretty sure Corona.

Are you vaccinated, the facts are heavier.

Let yourself be tested with a PCR test!



In my opinion, it is not possible to have not been infected. But it is well possible to have not noticed anything from the contagion. Many people had Covid without notice.

How likely is Corona infection?