Dwarf rabbits lives outside alone?

2021-08-28 11:02:02 ETHEL

Hello, for a few weeks, a dwarf rabbit alone runs around for me in the vicinity and lives on the grass areas there. Do not know what to do. It seems good in food but can not capture and control.

Should one let it easy there? Or can the animal welfare do something and capture it? Is really a dwarf rabbit, which one should hold in groups and there it is just all alone ... Does anyone have an idea?


Which color does it have? ^^ If it's wild, it can also be a wild mix that has emerged from a wild rabbit and an exploded house rabbit. They are mostly wild, but often trust in people into the gardens very to the chagrin of my acquaintances

In any case, I would report it to the veterinary office :)


Da If you call the veterinary office, you can also see if there is a owner somewhere there can be announced eg at the animal shelters and doctors.

Dwarf rabbits lives outside alone?