Why are people vacationing in Germany?

2021-08-28 11:03:13 MARCO

It's all much more expensive.

Hotels are priceless, even without food, holiday apartments cost as much as a package holiday (ie with round trip) in a 5 star hotel, all inclusive in Turkey.


Because I do not constantly need to need it abroad, but would rather want to see more of our country. About accommodation can be argued, it depends on its own claims.

I only know that I will not visit that a hotel, where the receptionist did not act exemplary and has so intimidated me With a complaint that I had really trouble to master myself. I would like to have her head to her head that I am self receptionist and knows what thing is in the hotel.


I would not make a vacation in an autocratically guided land. All inclusive does not irritate me, big hotels already not.

Germany has beautiful corners, MOn how to reach a lot by train, does not have to be the stress of aviation.


If I leave outside that I would not feel comfortable in the Erdogan regime as a foreigner, there are also people with a little more money.

What kind of you A fortune is different than tipping.

Why are people vacationing in Germany?