What can one do depression?

2021-08-28 12:08:17 MARLENE


When suspected of depression, one should first turn to his family doctor. He can check out one first. This is important because to make other illness similar symptoms.

Should it be necessary, you can send your family doctor to a psychiatrist or psychotherapist to the diagnosis and, if necessary, for treatment.

Self-diagnosis is not possible.


I always write answers to depression questions, as the topic is very diverse. Nothing is said with the term "depression". It can be very serious and physically conditioned, but it can also be a depressive voices. Since I have just answered something similar, I have the link herea question of recently this topic concerningly copied.

https://www.gutefrage.net/nage/depressio-hib list


can be treated drug. For example. That depends on your situation.


If it is very bad We can go into a therapy and, if necessary, take medications.

If the situation is not too bad then then you can confide friends and or the family and simply talk to them.


I have my moderate depression with Johanniwerk Tincture treated.

What can one do depression?