Would I died?

2021-08-28 12:09:32 JODI


I recently with my class on the way to a sports field. On the way we went along one. On the road was several iron scaffolding, which should prevent cars drive on the sidewalk. I went over there and hardly kept the balance. At the moment, a car is quickly past us. I still managed to keep the balance, just a few seconds less and I would be death, right?

My three friends I talked to, "If you had dropped down, you would have fallen dead. "

Death Choose 69%

Other Opinion Choose 31%

Alive Choose 0%


In any case, not only did you endanger yourself, but also other people.

You should worry about that.



or hindered.

maybe only a few weeks hospital, but I think so you can already die.


You they did not like the car. It's idle to think about what if. Just in the future behavior more reasonable.


Just be more careful.

Would I died?