How can you become community expert here?

2021-08-28 12:10:39 REBECCA

Hello, I read it again and again some people experts are in certain issues that are marked next to the name in contributions. How can you do that?


Hi Anonymous Type776 ,
Questions about Feed Features are in accordance with the guidelines actually in Forum and not on the Main platform.

"Community Expert" is a title for users who are positive in a particular subject area. The title community expert always refers to a specific topic.

Community experts have written a certain number of most helpful answers in your expert topics within twelve months. Depending on the "size" of the respective topic, either 15, 25 or 50 most helpful answers (the star) are needed for the award to the expert in this time. The size of the respective topics and how many most helpful answers you correspondChend you can look here . If you have achieved the necessary number of most helpful answers in a topic you are nominated for this title. Subsequently, a manual review is made by the legacy team and this will give it the title as well.

More details you can read more in the FAQ. What


questions are well answered and therefore awarded as a reliable answer. If you give many helpful answers in a certain time and that are good, then you will be asked if you want the expert tag.


For this you have to be in a certain area Certain number of "best answer" get. Then prThrow the good fragment team but first whether your language and the quality of the answers is good enough to give you community expert. If you have the title then and your answers are getting worse or less, you will get the title removed again.


You have to be at least 15, 25 or 50 most helpful answers in a topic in 12 months give. - Depending on the size of the topic.

After that you are automatically nominated.

Next, all contributions are checked based on various criteria (eg: linguistic and content level of the answers; Compliance with the guidelines; and friendliness and helpfulness to other users).

When the contributions were examined, you will be informed that the title "Expert" verLehen was or there are tips given as the next time it works better if it did not work.

For a nomination, only the questions are also included with the topic.

How can you become community expert here?